Hi, I’m Owen, and this is my blog!

I’m a software developer from Sheffield in the UK. I’ve been interested in technology since games came on tape, went to The University of Manchester to study computer science and embarked on a career in software because writing it is something I love doing.

When I’m not at work and I’ve dragged myself away from any of a vast number of unfinished personal software projects, I play the guitar, cook food or wander around aimlessly with a camera.

This site will probably mostly be technology related posts, but I may throw in a few of my other interests for flavour once in a while.


You can contact my by email at owen@owenplatt.com.

If you’d like to use PGP, my public key can be found here or on KeyBase. The fingerprint for that key is 9A68 00B5 B36B C286 0350 0A5D 727B F79B BE27 FB26.


You can also find me on the following social media sites, though I’m generally not that active: